Our Services

At Eagles Rest, we are experienced guides who coach and equip Kingdom-minded leaders to live and lead from overflow instead of overwhelm.

David and Jan Limiero have over 29 years of experience in both local church and parachurch ministry. We love pastoring pastors and missionaries and equipping leaders of leaders. We have experience in all areas of church leadership including city transformation.

We have walked through the swamps of failure and burnout and been sustained and transformed by the grace of God. We love helping others form a strategic God-led plan for mining treasures out of darkness so that the enemy is overcome instead of them. (Isaiah 45:2-3)

Services Offered

  • Individual and group coaching, spiritual direction, and spiritual healing
  • A sabbatical home for missionaries and other vocational Christian leaders
  • On-site and off-site group retreats and classes 
  • Ministry and Technology Consulting

Coaching, Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Healing

Eagles represent leaders. They are strong, resilient, and have keen vision. But leaders need rest in order to maintain those qualities. Eagles Rest helps bring rest to leaders by coming alongside them to offer coaching, spiritual direction and spiritual healing.

Our training allows Eagles Rest to offer a unique and customized mix of these three. The goal of all sessions is to connect clients deeper with their loving Father, with Jesus- the one who calls them Friend, and with the Holy Spirit, who is a far better guide than we are. Apart from God, we have nothing to offer. But with Him it is an adventurous Journey that we are honored to walk with His children!

  • Coaching is coming alongside someone to help find focus in a specific area.  Coaching moves one from where they are toward the preferred future. Coaching will help define where someone is, where God is calling them to be, and will then work on removing obstacles and charting a plan to get there.  Coaching draws out the skills and gifts that are already within a person. Coaching looks forward and helps one to follow the path and purpose God has designed for them. Coaching is future-focused.
  • Spiritual Direction is increasing awareness of God in the midst of both good and challenging life experiences and facilitating submission to God’s will.  It is not about resolving a problem but making that problem a place to meet God. It is abiding in His presence, listening to His voice and direction, and moving into deeper love and experience with God. Spiritual Direction is present-focused.
  • Spiritual Healing is gentle help untangling past hurts and habits in order to be free to be oneself in the present and future. Sometimes when someone has trouble moving forward, there might be something from the past that needs to be tended to. An outside perspective and trained facilitator is often crucial for this healing. Spiritual healing can involve a battle with one of our enemies- the world, the flesh, or the devil. The Holy Spirit is the best surgeon I have ever met and has some of the best tasting medicines I have ever tried.  Spiritual Healing is past-focused.

Sabbatical Home for Missionaries and Christian Leaders

Eagles Rest sabbatical home, located in Kingsport, Tennessee, is available to missionaries on home assignment or anyone in ministry on sabbatical or in need of a rest. We also offer coaching, spiritual direction and spiritual healing during each stay. We recommend including the Living the True You retreat as part of a customized package.

Here’s an endorsement from one of our sabbatical home guests:

When we felt the Lord asking us to take a Sabbatical, we didn’t feel like we could afford the time off. What would our supporters think? It was a huge step of faith, but we also realized that life was about to undo us. Emotionally we were coming apart. We had buried so much pain, so much disappointment, and disillusionment that we were just simply clinging to Jesus. Thriving and abundance were the furthest things from us, and we didn’t have even slightest bit of hope that things would, or even could, improve. When we arrived at Eagle’s Rest it was only by the providence of God. 

David and Jan asked us the first day what we would like to see happen during our few short months with them. I almost couldn’t say it, because I didn’t believe it could actually happen, but somehow through tears I managed to get out: “I just want to love my wife again and have her like me. From there, it might be nice to be on the same page with her again in ministry.”

I can now say, with no little amount of gratitude and wonder, that in a little less than 3 months we went from completely empty to seriously full and overflowing. 

Some of the keys were:

  • Experiential intimacy and rest with the Father.
  • Finding our specific identities and roles (through Living the True You retreat)
  • Lots of forgiveness and inner healing.
  • Coaching. Lots and lots of coaching.

David and Jan are uniquely anointed to walk alongside leaders, minister restoration and healing, offer tools that will sustain you after you leave, facilitate God encounters that you can’t walk away from without being changed, and help you discern your own unique, God-ordained role in the Kingdom that will keep you from doing all the things you’re not supposed to be doing, and don’t like doing anyway.

We are heading back into our ministry context with renewed minds, refreshed hearts, fully alive in our God-given identities, with a unique and exciting vision perfectly suited for the way God made us; and most exciting of all, with a love and passion in our marriage we’d nearly lost hope for. 

The Limieros are a power couple who possess a mixture of the Spirit’s shepherding and prophetic authority. Under their loving care, prepare to be restored, filled-up and unified in vision and calling, as you learn to let your life direction and ministry flow from abiding in Christ (Ephesians 4:10-16).

  • from a missionary guest staying at the sabbatical home

Offline and Online Retreats and Classes

We offer on-site retreats and classes at our sabbatical home, third-party locations, and online. Below is the description of our Living the True You retreat, which is offered in a variety of formats.

The Living the True You is a journey to discover, love, and live from your true self. You are utterly unique. Your specific calling is only to you and you are the only person in the world who can be who God created you to be. You can only be all that God intended you to be when you know who that is. 

This retreat will launch you on a course to know your true identity which results in focus and rest. You won’t waste time and energy striving to be something, or someone, that you were not created to be. You can focus on being the you that God delights in and the one who easily bears much fruit. The result will be a joyful intentionality for your life.

This retreat will have thoughtful personal work to help you find your identity. Be prepared to go deep.  You will look at your past for patterns and themes. You will look toward the future for where your efforts are best spent. And you will look up to see what God has to say about your personal identity through Scripture or words spoken through Him in other ways.

The goal of the retreat is for participants to find freedom and fruitfulness by discovering who they were created to be and by aligning their rhythms of life in the areas of their true identity.

In this retreat we will:

  • Discover what it means to live as the Beloved
  • Look at how Jesus discovered His identity
  • Create a personal timeline
  • Process the pain points in your life and make them work for you
  • Look back, forward, and up for clues about your identity from various places
  • Write Identity Statements
  • Write a Crafted Prayer
  • Make a plan to live from the true you

At the end of this retreat you will have: 

  • A deeper appreciation for your past as part of the big picture
  • A better understanding of who God created you specifically to be
  • Increased confidence to live out your unique calling
  • Focus to be only yourself 
  • Greater rest as you lay aside things that don’t fit and don’t work
  • 4-6 personal identity statements
  • A unique prayer created about your specific identity
  • Tools to live from your true self
  • Increased joy as you live intentionally 


“This information totally transformed my life! Jan and David taught with deep wisdom, compassion, and love. Subjects were unpacked with simplicity and clarity. I refer often to the Identity Statements I created at the retreat. They are a lifeline in times of discouragement and doubt! Well worth the time and resources to attend!” 

– Barb Morrish, leader of deep healing ministry,
Garden Community Church, Bakersfield, California

“This class shifted my perspective, transformed my confidence, and opened up an entirely new lane of connection between me and God – and me and others. It was a serious commitment; over our six weeks, there were times of difficulty along with the times of elation. But, I wouldn’t trade a single second, because it has served as a launchpad to a new stratosphere for me! Jan’s anointing in her identity is undeniable and crazy powerful!”

–Brittany Tipton, communications and prayer director,
Christ Fellowship Church, Kingsport, Tennessee

Ministry and Technology Consulting

Technology often complicates our lives and ministries rather than simplifying them. With a unique background of 25+ years in local and parachurch ministry and over a decade working as an information technology professional, Eagles Rest can resource churches, ministries and individuals with tools and support to make technology a servant rather than a master.