About Eagles’ Rest

Coaching, Spiritual Direction, and Healing

Leaders are like eagles — strong, resilient, and possessing keen vision. In order to maintain those qualities, leaders need rest.

Eagles’ Rest helps bring rest to leaders by coming alongside them through coaching, spiritual direction, and spiritual healing.

Jan Limiero

Eagles represent leaders. They are strong, resilient and have keen vision. But leaders need rest in order to maintain those qualities. One way that I help bring rest to leaders is by coming alongside and offering coaching, spiritual direction or spiritual healing.

My training allows me to offer a unique and customized mix of these three. The goal of all of my sessions is to connect you deeper with your loving Father, with Jesus- the one who calls you Friend, and with the Holy Spirit, who is a far better guide than myself. Apart from God, I have nothing to offer you. But with Him it is an adventurous Journey that I am honored to walk with you!

Spiritual Direction is:

increasing awareness of God in the midst of both good and challenging life experiences and facilitating submission to God’s will.  It is not about resolving a problem but making that problem a place to meet God. It is abiding in His presence, listening to His voice and direction, and moving into deeper love and experience with God.

Spiritual Direction is Present focused

Spiritual Healing is:

gentle help untangling past hurts and habits in order to be free to be yourself in the present and future. Sometimes when you have trouble moving forward, there might be something from the past that needs to be tended to. An outside perspective and trained facilitator is often crucial for this healing. Spiritual healing can involve a battle with one of your enemies- the world, the flesh, or the devil. The Holy Spirit is the best surgeon I have ever met and has some of the best tasting medicines I have ever tried.

Spiritual Healing is Past focused

Coaching is:

coming alongside someone to help find your focus in a specific area.  Coaching moves you from where you are toward the preferred future. Coaching will help you define where you are, where God is calling you to be, and will then work on removing obstacles and charting a plan to get there.  Coaching draws out the skills and gifts that are already within you. Coaching looks forward and helps you to follow the path and purpose God has designed for you.

Coaching is Future focused